Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Bird Photographs

So far this winter has been one for the record books! It looks like we may break the record for recorded snow fall. We have also had record breaking lows and wind chill. My poor birds are having a hard time surviving the cold. In less than twenty-four hours I found three dead birds on my patio.

There were two house sparrows and a male cardinal. It makes me incredibly sad to see this. The temperatures are dropping even lower tonight; I hope I won't find more.

The birds are staying closer to the feeders as the temperatures plummet. This has provided some great backyard bird photography opportunities for me. Here are some of my favorites from today!

I was shooting from my kitchen sliding glass door, which was hazy from the bright sunshine.

The sunshine and the reflection from the snow made it so much easier to capture their dark eyes. It is frustrating trying to photograph them on the dull gray days, which seem to be almost every day during the winter!

 I love using dishes for their food. It makes the pictures a little more interesting than regular bird feeders and they enjoy eating from them, actually preferring them over the tube feeders.

My neighbor's wood fence makes a great backdrop!

 I thought I would have a little photography fun and put out a few stems of fake spring branches. It took a little while, but finally a few of the birds landed on them!

 This is my favorite shot of the day! I used this image tonight for my new business cards. I love my little chickadees! I hope they survive the weather!

I can't wait until spring!


Patricia Hunter said...

Gorgeous photos - all of them, Robin. I'm sorry about your winter. I cannot imagine what that kind of cold would feel like. We've barely had much winter at all down here, but I've noticed that when the temps are low, that's when I can count on the birds coming to the feeders more often. I had 6 painted buntings in my backyard at the same time one day last week.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Fun to see your birdie photos. We are all clamoring for spring.

Sheila said...

I have seen very few birds at my feeder in the past few days & wondered if some of them were not surviving the cold. It seems my red birds have disappeared. I'm hoping they are just snuggling together in their nests! It was 5 degrees below zero this morning.

Betsy Adams said...

Great Birdie photos. Sorry that some died. I haven't seen any dead ones around here yet--even though our Winter has been harsh.

My favorite beside the last one is the Blue Jay with a peanut in his mouth.... Awesome.

Indie said...

Aw, the poor little birds! I feel for the wildlife with such a harsh winter. You did get some great photos of them, though - love that chickadee one!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is sad to see the birds die from cold.but I guess that is all part of the cycle of nature.I love all the beautiful pictures you are getting.

Sean Ravin said...
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Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

My heart always breaks when the birds don't make it. It's so sad, I know it's part of nature, but still.