Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Faux Stain Finish

I mentioned yesterday that I would show you how I did the faux stain finish on my "Farmhouse Grunge" chest of drawers.

I usually strip and sand to get to the raw wood and refinish. I had been using paint to stain smaller craft project pieces and it worked so well that I wanted to try it on the top of this chest of drawers.

I used the same dry brushing technique that I did on the rest of the piece. I started with a brown oops paint that I made into chalky paint.

I added very light feather strokes of grays and whites, alternating light and dark colors.

When I got the paint the way I wanted it, I then applied Fiddes Jaccobean Wax. I love this wax. I added a little bit of Mineral Spirits to thin it and rubbed it on with a gloved hand. Wiped off excess and buffed. So easy.

I make signs and often use this same faux stain technique. It is a great alternative to stain if I am in a hurry or can't get outside and don't want to smell the fumes from stain. It dries so much faster than stain, especially using the dry brushing technique.

                                      The look of stain using chalky paint, pretty neat, huh?

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