Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring for the Day Part 2

Some people have mentioned in their garden blogs that they don't like the commercial aspect of the flower and garden shows in their area and they choose not to go. There are a lot of vendors selling home and landscaping services and wares at the Indy show too, but it doesn't bother me. My husband has been in an industry for the last eighteen years that involves trade shows, so I understand how they operate and I expect this when I go to a flower and garden show.

The purpose of an industry trade show is to reveal new products and to drum up business, plain and simple. Were it not for the small vendors hawking their wares, filling up booth space and absorbing some of the exorbitant cost for this type of production, the shows couldn't happen at all. It would be too costly. I'd rather have them there than not have the show at all.

It is still so worth it to go and enjoy the sights and smells of spring. I sat on a stone wall near the hyacinths and drank in their heady scent. It was delightful!

The hydrangeas were spectacular.

Azaleas and hostas, a perfect spring combination.

Lovely hellebores were gracing several of the gardens.

I've always gone to the show on the weekend, when it is crowded and hard to move around, much less take pictures.

I definitely prefer attending during the week. No crowds and I was able to take pictures at my leisure and not be in anyone's way. Definitely more enjoyable.

Last year I went twice, the first time was on Saturday, (first day of the show), my mom was here visiting and I took her. I went with a friend, a week later on Sunday afternoon, (last day of the show). I enjoyed both, but this year I wanted to go alone so I could take my time and not be rushed. It was a delightful day and just the little getaway I needed. I took about six hundred pictures and didn't feel rushed in the least. I even treated myself to a few chocolates from the South Bend Chocolate Company. A day of relaxation, enjoyment and self-indulgence. I think I can make it until spring now.


Desiree said...

Very nice photos, as usual. At least the people who don't like to go to shows can now see what kind of plants were set up!

Frances, said...

Wonderful shots, 600 seems like a lot, it that how many you normally take? Great that you got to go alone, I sometimes feel rushed when I want to browse and study things, like at a botanical garden, when someone else has gone along, unless they are as hard core into gardening as I am. I can smell those hyacinths, there is nothing like them.

Frances at Faire Garden

Gail said...

I love flower shows but missed ours this year....There are often some hokey vendors but there are serious garden displays with great plant combinations to offset the other.

I usually go to the local botanical garden alone, I can meander around and not feel rushed. Even my garden buddies want to move faster.

The photos are very good...I think I want that hydrangea.



Jane Marie said...

I'm so glad you went to the garden show and took pictures for us. It makes me feel warm and spring-like.

Mary said...

Robin, I have finally decided to grow from seed, thanks to you. Maybe not this year, but definitely next year! Those tulips look like velvet. And the hyacinths take my breath away. You not only take great bird photos, your flowers are stunning.


Connie said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience...my eyes are so craving color this time of year!

Anonymous said...

Both sets of photos were very pretty.