Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter's Icy Grip

This time of year you never know if the weather forecasters will be correct or not. Recently, they have been wrong more often than right. This particular system that moved through today was actually worse than expected. We've had a sleet and snow mix with thunder and lightening. Although it is beautiful I can't help but cringe when I hear the ice covered trees. They sound as if they are going to break into pieces.

You would think that in icy weather like this the birds would be scarce, but no, we've had a lot of bird activity at the feeders today. Again, I threw seeds on the patio to bring the birds up a little closer.

The Dark-eyed Juncos will come right up to the patio door and seem oblivious to me or my camera flash.

I was standing at the patio door, and happened to have it opened when this robin flew right on the patio. I wish the dog's chain hadn't been in the way. I was almost too excited to take the picture.

I saw two robins on Sunday, when we had our springlike temperatures. I was shocked when I saw several today in this weather; there were probably about five or six of them.

Even in the midst of winter's icy grip, we have the promise of spring.

The wind was blowing so hard that my bird feeder pole is leaning; the birds didn't seem to mind at all.

Even the tiny chickadee braved the wind and icy weather.

The doves, like the juncos, come right to the door even though I'm standing there usually with the cat and dog at my feet, and my camera flashing.

I'm very glad I didn't have to get out today. It was one of those days where I just wanted to drink coffee, look outside and enjoy the birds while watching the ice accumulate.

I'm really looking forward to attending the Indy Flower and Patio show this weekend, it will be my little spring vacation.


Carol said...

It sure is a mess out there, isn't it? I had to drive home from work in it. Roads weren't too bad but are getting worse.

Those birds don't seem to mind it though, do they?

Let us know how the Flower & Patio show is. I don't go every year, but might try to go sometime this year.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Randy and Jamie said...

I love the way the snow sparkles under the birds, it's beautiful. We don't get much snow and ice here. As a matter of fact it's been years since we had a big ice storm.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It rained here all day and has now turned to a wintery mix. UGH... As you say, you can never tell what might be coming down this time of year.

The robins arrived in our neighborhood this weekend. Isn't it fun to see and hear them again!!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Carol, I'm glad you made it home safely. I plant to go to the show on Saturday, I'll let you know how it is.

Hi, Randy and Jamie, (my daughter's name is Jamie too). I hope things are improving for you guys in Prattville.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Lisa, you guys are getting it too? It has been a nasty day for sure. I'm so thankful for the birds that give me enormous pleasure in spite of the weather.

It is very nice to see the robins back.

Annie in Austin said...

Robins are scarce in my neighborhood - I'd be excited to see them at any time [that goes for garden bloggers named Robin, too.]

Have fun at the show - even if those big commercial shows feature too many Dutch brooms, hot tubs and fancy pots, there are usually enough flowers in containers to make it smell like you're in some gardenlike place, anyway! Unless the aroma of bad pizza overwhelms the hyacinths ;(

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

mon@rch said...

Scary ice and hope I am not seeing that tomorrow when I wake up! Although, amazing photos! WOW

live4evermom said...

I love ice pictures and yours are great.

jodi said...

Oh boy...this is what we have to look forward to tomorrow, I guess! Not good....but today we at least had the mildness that some of you had a day or two ago. We're all getting a bit bedraggled by it all, so it's a good thing we have our southern/western gardening friends to cheer us up. And happy birds--very little seems to bother them, either.

Melanie said...

Ice is so beautiful in photos but so dangerous in real life. Hopefully you don't lose too many limbs or trees with all that ice.

As for the birds, your photos are stunning as always.

Anna said...

We had lots of tornadoes here. No one was hurt that we know of but lots of broken trees and debris.

The birds do look great with the white background. WE had a lot of bird activity right before the storm. It was like they knew what was coming. The took cover in the brush as the storm was raging. Glad you got to stay home and be safe. Ice is the worst kinda weather cause you can't see it on the roads.

beckie said...

Robins! I'm so envious! I haven't seen any yet and I am near enough to you that I should. Maybe they new we were going to have one last blast of winter. (or we hope it was a the last!) Wonderful pictures. Lisa at Greenbow could use your junco for her model to paint. Your picture shows the eyes beautifully!

Frances, said...

Beautiful but scary! Those poor little birds on the icy feeders, thank goodness you are keeping them fed. How will the robins get their worms through that ice? When I was out digging on a warmer day, it was noticed that the worms are coming closer to the surface of the soil, then do they go back down deeper when the cold returns? Sometimes that cold can come so quicklyin just a couple of hours yesterday, do the worms know it's coming? Great photos. I will have to try bringing the birds closer with see on the deck. Thanks for the idea!

Frances at Faire Garden

Viooltje said...

So many beautiful photos, I couldn't possible tell which one is my favourite. It's quite a treat for my eyes just browsing through your blog. And you don't need to look too deep into the pic to find one great friend of nature. Libby, Lilly and all of the little birdies are lucky to have you. Loved every bit of it, and looking forward to your future posts.

Gail said...

We have been lucky so far this year and missed out on ice storms...beautiful in your photographs.

Hoping a warming trend is on its way to you.


Marie said...

What a weather you had! It's good for the birds that you feed them!

Enjoy a cup of coffee and stay in if you can.

Q said...

Dear Robin,
Lovely photos! Ice scares me too. I have lost lots of trees from ice storms. Hope yours did okay.
The Robins have been very active lately in my gardens. They do winter over in my area so seeing them is not a sign of spring. Hearing them is! The morning chorus has begun with the Cardinals, Robins and Mockingbirds joining in. I love listening to all the bird's songs.
Stay warm and safe.
Spring really will come with all her beautiful blooms and bugs.

Mel said...

Nice pictures!
Is a great contrast between the ice and the bright colours of the birds.

Jen U said...

Those doves are so beautiful Robin. All of the birds are beautiful but I think the Doves are my favorite!
~Jen U

Paul Sayer said...

Wonderful pictures Robin. I think you've captured the beauty of both the robins and the ice.