Saturday, June 16, 2007

Birds, Butterflies and Balloons

Today I had a visitor to my new birdbath! I have this right in front of my window and I was concerned that the birds might not come if it was too close to the house, but come they did. This was fun to watch because this fellow really enjoyed his bath.

I think he might have wanted some privacy. Kind of looks like he's got an attitude in that picture and definitely having a bad hair day.

I only have a few visits a day from the hummers, and still only one at a time.

I don't know what this purple flower is called, but the butterflies usually love it. Edit: Carol from May Dreams ( has identified my purple flower. She said it was a Verbena bonariensis. I looked it up in my garden book and I believe she is correct. It is a Brazillian verbena, it's a good thing that it is drought tolerant, it self sows, and is a perennial in zones 7-9. Thank you, Carol. I had several Red Admirals visiting today. They were not shy at all so I was able to get really close to take these pictures outside.

This one was taken from inside the house through the window.

Libby, (the kitty), and Lilly, (the golden), watching the critter action outside. They are great together and I thought this was a sweet picture. I took the screen off of the window today so we could see things better and get clearer pictures. The cat loves sitting here and watching the birds. They don't seem to mind her being there, I guess they know she isn't a real threat.

Every summer we have hot air balloons that go over our neighborhood. Today I only saw two, but sometimes there are several. They are so pretty and are always a delight to see, but I could never go up in one.


chumly said...

Great pictures. I myself like birdbaths. I promised the Portland Police I would not go in them anymore and have been sober 17 years now. Thanks for the posts.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Lovely pictures--you're so right about that robin's attitude! But he's so cute. :)

I hope that you get some of your much-needed rain soon. (And that after it gives you a good soaking, you pass it on up here to Cleveland. Wee need it too!)

Carol said...

I love your pictures of the robin. At least you are making sure he can get wet.

The purple flower is probably a verbena, Verbena bonariensis. I assume it does a bit of self sowing and comes up in several places? I've had it in the past, but have tried to minimize it quite a bit in the past few years, and don't know if I have any of it now.

Robin said...

Yea Carol! I think you have correctly identified my purple flower.

Chumly, my husband got quite a laugh from your comment. Glad we don't have to worry about seeing you in our birdbath.

Blackswamp girl, thank you, hope we all get rain soon.

Molly said...

wonderful photos. I especially loved the ones of the robin in the birdbath. He looks like he is thinking, "Woman, Do You Miind? A little privacy here if it's not too much to ask!"

earlysnowdrop said...

Those photos of the robin are priceless! And good work getting a photo of the elusive hummingbird. My hummers always fly away before I can get a photo up close.

Julie said...


I live in Indy and was just enjoying your blog. I think that even though you're not supposed to water your lawn, you can still water landscape plants. You may want to call the city to confirm. We had a brief shower an hour or so ago. Hope it comes your way too!

vonlafin said...

I have had impact sprinklers running, and the birds are really enjoying them. They fly through the stream of water, and really seem to be having a good time. We had a brief shower this evening, but it was very brief. Luckily we are on a well, so I can water when I need to.