Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This verbena is so pretty right now, I love the dark pink against the green. I am really enjoying this combination and will do the same thing next spring in these containers.

This is a terrible picture of the robin, the camera focused on the tree instead but I wanted to share it anyway to tell this story. This robin is quite a friendly character and is exhibiting some unusual behavior. Yesterday, when my daughter was babysitting, I took our little friend to the playground to swing. While I was swinging him in the baby swing the robin got a worm. He/she proudly pranced around the entire distance of the railroad ties that enclose the small swing area, stopping and facing me several times like it was showing me the worm. It was so funny. Then this morning I went outside to the front porch to get a few pictures of the glorious rain and this robin, which was out in the front yard hopped right up to the porch where I was and stayed close by in the front flower bed for several minutes before flying off. It was like he came to greet me.
Yea! We finally got a little rain. It wasn't as much as I'd hoped for, but I'm so thankful for what we got. My Japanese maple has done very well, thankfully it has not looked the least bit stressed by the drought.

Here are the zinnias that I sowed on Saturday night. Only three days for this growth! I checked and nothing has sprouted that I put on the ground. I think I prefer the more controlled system of sowing in containers on the patio, then transplanting. The growth rate is much quicker and I can make sure they stay moist. I'm sure the seeds on the ground got moved around with the rain, so there is no telling where zinnias and cosmos will come up.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

The verbena is beautiful! Do you leave the small evergreen in the pot the year round. Love the robin story.

Robin said...

Iowa gardening woman, hi, I'm glad you stopped by.

I will leave the evergreen in the container over the winter, and probably the ivy too. I may try to root some of the ivy in case it doesn't survive the winter.

Cyndi in Alabama said...

As always, your pictures are inspiring :-). We finally got some rain here in Northport! woohoo!! Unfortunately, it wasn't long enough... but I am thankful. Talk to you later.