Saturday, June 16, 2007

From Bloom Day to Gloom Day

Yesterday was Garden Blogger Bloom Day hosted by Carol from May Dreams Garden. I posted some close-ups of my favorite blooms and they are beautiful, but there is also a different story to tell. One that is far from beautiful. As I sat on my swing yesterday morning drinking my coffee I literally shed tears over the state of my yard. I have worked so hard to provide a little beauty and privacy for my family and all of my hard work may be in vain if we don't soon get some rain. It is very sad.

I'm trying very hard to keep these things alive by collecting all of the water from our baths and hand washings, however I'm not sure if the soap and shampoo is good for the plants either. I use soap sometimes as an organic bug spray, so I'm hoping this will not harm them.

I have three of these dwarf Alberta spruces, all the same size, at equal distances along the side of my house, if this one dies it just won't look right. To replace one that is this large would be costly.
I think the grass is hopeless. Even if we do get rain, I'm not sure it would survive. We have always had difficulty growing grass here because the builder scraped away all of the top soil.

All of my recently planted trees are turning brown. There is a chance of rain on Tuesday and I hope we get it.


Carol said...

I plan to start watering my trees this evening. We aren't allowed to water lawns, but I know people are still doing it because the water pressure is so low right now. We are allowed to water other plants, just have to do it by hand.

It's at times like these that you have to almost choose which plants live and which ones have to struggle along, and hope for the best.

All our hopes are for rain on Tuesday!

Apple said...

My plants are drooping from the heat but I'm on a well and can water later this evening. I once lost one of a pair of dwarf spruces and had to take the good one out too and replace both. I hope it doesn't come to that for you and that you get a nice steady rain soon.

Molly said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get rain soon. The grass isn't dead, just dormant, and will green up again when there's enough moisture. Hopefully your garden is established enough that the plants will just be stressed, not dead.

Carolyn gail said...

Dear Robin,

So sorry to learn of your dilemma. We need rain here too but thankfully there are no watering restrictions. I will pray that you ( we ) get rain very soon. It's actually suppose to rain here Monday evening and I hope that it'll visit you as well.