Friday, June 22, 2007

Embarrassing Returns

I planted quite a few trees and shrubs in the fall and some of them didn't survive. I've had the evidence in the garage for several weeks now but kept putting off returning the items to the store. Usually making returns doesn't bother me, but taking sticks into the store to get money for them is kind of embarrassing. One of the box stores gave me a store credit and the other gave me cash. (Orange you glad I'm not going to rant about this little detail and name names?) Anyway, I used the store credit to purchase perennials for the back area where the new birdbath is. I've planted lots of foliage but very few flowers and I want to see something blooming back there.
Two white balloon flower plants were purchased.

I bought four gold and one yellow lantana, 2 purple and 2 white balloon flowers, two shasta daisies, six lavender, one larkspur, one purple and one white coneflower, gerbera daisy, spiderwort, and four purple sages.
I don't usually buy yellow and gold flowers but the butterflies were all over the lantana, so I had to have them for my butterfly garden.
The gerbera daisy and spiderwort were on clearance for 75% off; hopefully they will perk up and survive.
I was planning on getting these planted today but we actually got some rain and it's too wet! Yea! I think I'll go shopping instead.

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