Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Front Yard

Here are a few pictures of the front yard. I've gotten quite a few projects done already this spring , and as always there is plenty more to do but most of the remaining projects are in the side and back yards.
This is my first time to grow elephant ears. I had these containers on the patio but moved them to the front porch to add a little greenery and make it a bit more welcoming.

The superbells in the front porch containers are doing great as usual and are filling out nicely. The flower bed in front of the porch still has Johnny jump-ups blooming, as well as impatiens and coleus.
The mailbox bed is kind of sparsely planted right now, I wanted to wait and see how large the clematis would get. I planted variegated lily-turf and a few purple wave petunias. I still need to get a few other plants to fill in the gaps.

Another shot of the front flower bed. The trellis is sporting a new clematis.
This is the flower bed on the left side of the porch, (right side facing the house). I didn't like the spiraeas that the builder planted in the bed, they had gotten very large. I removed several of them and cut the largest one all the way to the ground, hoping it would die and be easier to remove. It didn't die, but it at least is smaller and right now looks pretty there. I'll do a better job of keeping it pruned back so it doesn't outgrow the space again.

All of the front beds are weeded and all in all are finished until fall, with the exception of a little mulch to help retain moisture.


ginger said...

Hello from a fellow central indianan!

I stumbled across your blog while searching for Salsbery Brothers' website. You have a beautiful and very inspiring yard!

My husband and I just redid our front yard, including tearing out a bunch of spirea. I agree with you, not my favorite plant!

Your flowers look wonderful!

Robin said...

Hi, Ginger. Salsbery Brother's is a great Nursery and landscaping center. I'm planning another trip there soon but with the lack of rain I haven't really wanted to plant too much else right now. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Carolyn gail said...

Hey Robin,

Your front yard is looking grand ! Planting Elephant Ears speak of your " Southern roots. "

Those flowers you referred to as
" Johnnie Jump-ups " are really Violas, or perennial pansies. Johnny Jump-ups are an invasive , undesirable weedy flower.