Saturday, June 23, 2007

Garden Dreams and Nightmares

Hopefully gardeners are not a squeamish lot and this picture won't gross anybody out.
I was planting my new perennials last evening and I couldn't believe the number of huge grubs I came across. I have never seen grubs this large before. Usually I will squish them when I find them but I could never squish one of these big ones. They were even gross to touch. They felt so full and bloated as if they would burst at the slightest touch. The one on the right is a large but normal size grub.

I even had a dream about these grubs last night. I dreamed I was gardening and everywhere I looked were these massive grubs, of course in my dream they were even larger than the ones I actually found.

It is funny how often I dream about my garden and flowers. Sometimes though they are nightmares instead. Like the one I had the other night. I dreamed I was planting flowers and ran out of space, I went to my neighbors house and started planting my flowers in his front flower bed thinking this was a nice gesture, until I was confronted by the angry neighbor. I ran away in embarrassment wondering how I could have been so dumb for doing that without asking first.

So, do you have dreams about your garden too?

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Carol said...

I dreamed once that I was in my grandmother's gardens, and she had the cutest litle garden ornaments set about here and there, and I so wanted to take them to put in my garden. It was a lovely place.

Those grubs are gross! Probably Japanese beetle grubs, though they should be emerging as adults right now, so maybe not.