Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hot Air Balloon

I was working in the yard this evening and heard a very loud noise behind me, I nearly fell over from shock when I turned and saw a huge hot air balloon right above my house barely making it over. The loud noise I heard was the propane blowing the flames into the balloon. I had stuck my small camera in my pocket, which I don't normally do. I'm so glad I had it with me or I would have missed these shots. We see these balloons all the time in the summer, but never this close to our home.

I've had more funny interaction with the robins today. I told my husband that I feel like Dr. Dolittle, because I always talk to the birds and they are responding to me. While I was working in the yard this robin came close to where I was to show me his/her prize. A little while later I was at the very back of the yard and a robin hopped across the yard within a couple of feet of me. I've never before had birds keep me company while I garden, but it's been quite a joyful and fun experience.


vonlafin said...

The robin's have been hanging around me a lot too. I think that they know that if I am out, I am going to be watering, and they love that!

Carol said...

The robins must be reading your blog and know that they are welcome!

I love the pictures of the hot air balloon. I don't think I could get up enough nerve to go up in one, however.

Marvie said...

None of the birds that hang out around my yard have gotten brave enough to keep me company, but they do love to watch from a distance and they really love it when I do any weeding or digging because they know there will be worms when I leave the area. They also loooove when I set the sprinkler out. I enjoy watching them play in the "rain" =)

Great shots of the balloon!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Robins can be very cheeky. How nice you got a little feathered friend to keep you company in the garden!

Love the pics of the hot air balloon. A good thing that it cleared your house!