Monday, June 25, 2007

A few Summer Blooms

A close up of the zinnia.
I planted the catmint last fall and wasn't sure what to expect since I had never had it before. It has grown quite large and and is in full bloom. It tolerated our drought very well.

The liatris is just beginning to bloom.

The new red salvia I recently bought for my hummingbird garden.

I planted a morning glory to wind around the pole beside the birdbath, I also planted a few sunflowers and zinnias. I went to a local nursery today, they had large pots of big, beautiful, colorful zinnias en mass. It was so pretty. I came home and planted a pot full of giant zinnias myself.


Bev said...

As usual, beautiful photos! The first one would certainly make a great painting. Love, love, love the red salvia.

Ki said...

Incredibly bright colors on the zinnia macro. Funny that some flowers like the Liatris bloom from top down and most others from bottom to top.