Friday, June 15, 2007

For the Birds

I love to watch the birds and butterflies and I'm trying to plant things that will attract them to my yard. I had a birdbath but it was very shallow and the birds didn't seem to like it so I used it to plant hens and chicks. It has been so hot and dry here that I felt sorry for the birds and wanted another birdbath for them, but didn't want to buy one. I tried to think of a creative way to provide water for them and came up with this inexpensive solution. I had these two clay planters in the garage. I bought them on clearance for $1.00 each earlier in the year and I bought the saucer for about$2.50. (Notice the ripples in the water?)

I've read that the best way to attract birds to a water source is to provide moving water. I did a quick search online and found instructions for an inexpensive water source. I took an ice cream bucket and stuck a small nail in it so that it provides a steady drip of water into the bird bath. I haven't seen a bird in yet, it may be too close to the house, but I was hoping they would use it and provide entertainment for me and the cat.
Here is a new mosaic birdhouse I bought on clearance a few days ago. I got it as decoration for the patio. It's quite heavy so hopefully the wind won't blow it over.


Carol said...

That's a good idea on how to get water to drip into the bird bath. I have a bird bath with a tree branch above it. I bet I could find something to do the same!

Thanks for the inspiration.

Apple said...

I love this! Pretty, functional and won't eat into my plant budget.