Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Refreshing Rain

We had another refreshing rain today. The storms that came through yesterday only brought severe lightening and thunder, the rain was all around but bypassed us. I was beginning to think the same thing might happen today. Thankfully we received a pretty good downpour.

Raspberry Surprise Dianthus

This is one of the many Pampas grass that I grew this winter.

Coleus grown from seed.

Impatiens grown from seed.
The hostas are blooming.

A white coneflower recently purchased.

I've always been partial to pink and purple flowers, those are the predominate colors in my flower gardens. However this year I've been purposefully choosing a variety of colors. This bold zinnia is quite a striking addition to my butterfly garden.

The birdbath was popular today, as were the bird feeders. I can't believe how much little birds eat. I have two feeders in the back near the birdbath, each feeder holds about three to four cups and they empty both feeders everyday. I'm not sure I can continue to go through this much food on a regular basis, that can get quite expensive. These pictures were taken from inside the house. This has been a very good reason to do windows ;)

I bought sunflower seeds yesterday and put them in this produce bag. It's in front of the window near the hummingbird feeder. Hopefully, kitty and I will have a few more close-up visitors.
I saw a little ground squirrel today in my neighbor's yard. I had them all over the place at my house in Alabama, even though they are cute and fun to watch they were quite a nuisance. I'm wondering if my new bird feeders and sunflower seeds will cause him to take up residence at my house. I hope not. Hmmm... maybe the bird feeder in my flowerbed isn't such a good idea after all.
I hear it raining again. I imagine it will be quite some time before I take that wonderful sound for granted.


vonlafin said...

We are getting rain here in Lafayette too. I LOVE that smell! You take great pictures, especially the closeups of the flowers.

Bev said...

Yes, you do take beautiful closeups Robin! I love the colors. And the photo of the butterfly is really something! You have inspired me to grow some impatiens from seed (next year).

Robin said...

Vonlafin and Bev, thank you for your compliments on my pictures.