Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lovely Weather

The last two days have been so beautiful that I've had a hard time staying inside. In fact I've stayed outside both evenings until it was so dark that I could no longer see well. We have six maple trees around the perimeter of the back yard that have needed some attention. For some reason the mulch that we purchased in the fall has become very hard, I'm not even sure that water could penetrate it. Also the grass and weeds were growing all through the mulch. I just sat on my towel and pulled weeds, loosened the mulch, and enlarged the edging around the trees. I've finished only two of them, because the "work" has been more for enjoyment so I've gone at a snails pace. Another reason for the slow pace is that we have so little good soil and the soil around the trees is better than what is in the rest of the yard, so I'm trying to shake off as much dirt as possible from the weeds and grass to put in my flower beds. The two that are completed look so much better.
As I sat beside the tree last night weeding, a hummingbird kept flying over my head, probably about ten times going the same distance back and forth. It was interesting, I'm not sure what that was about. I had been putting red sugar water in the feeder and had just replaced it with clear sugar water. I'm thinking he must have thought the feeder was empty and was trying to get my attention to fill it or it could be that there was a nest close by, I don't know. Anyone have any idea what he might have been doing?

The gerbera daisies are blooming again.

Balloon flower.
The last of the peonies. I wish these lasted longer.


Carol said...

We have had some beautiful days in central Indiana, haven't we? Now it is kind of hot, but hopefully we'll get some rain out of this weather change.

Your flowers are beautiful as always!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I envy you your hummingbirds, wish we had those here too! Perhaps it was trying to get your attention thinking the feeder was empty?

Peonies are beautiful but they flower only for a short period of time, far too short, don't you think?

Bev said...

Robin, I love your site and color combinations. It brings a smile to my eyes to behold it!

Robin said...

Carol, can you believe that we didn't get rain from that midwest system?

Yolanda Elizabet, yes, the peonies are beautiful, but they do have some shortcomings, in that they don't last long enough and the stems are so heavy that they fall over when it rains.

Bev, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. It made my day.