Sunday, June 17, 2007

Reward for Hard Work

It was a very humid and hot with thunder off and on all day. We got just a little sprinkle of rain, it didn't even get anything wet, quite disappointing.

I have been waiting for the weather to cooperate to sow these seeds. It doesn't look like there's going to be a good time to plant them this spring, so I decided not to wait any longer. I sowed some of my favorite zinnias last night in containers so that I could have a little better chance at germination. I put some of the zinnia and cosmos seeds in the bare spots in the flower beds and few of the packets I will save and try to grow indoors for next year.

I made this birdbath tonight. All of it is from leftover materials that I already had in the garage.

I moved a lot of purple coneflower from my front flower bed last fall. I love this hardy flower and am glad to see that it transplanted well and is blooming in several places now.

My butterfly bush is just beginning to bloom. I planted three of these last fall and only one survived. I think I will move this one in the fall to the right side patio flowerbed, I want that to be my butterfly and hummingbird garden.

The robins don't seem to mind my presence, they will come pretty close to me while I'm sitting on the patio or working in the yard. I was on the patio when this robin hopped into the birdbath.

Tonight I was sitting on the patio wall with my camera, just waiting for a bird to photograph, when some of my neighbors walked past my yard to go to the basketball court. The teenage girl said to her mom and boyfriend, "Her yard is so pretty." The boyfriend remarked in a sarcastic tone, "Well she works in it everyday." They were a little embarrassed when they saw I was sitting right there and heard their remarks. I was just glad they said something nice, and was very pleased that a teenage girl would take notice and compliment my yard. I do try to work at least a little bit everyday and many days I spend hours working on my many different projects.

It is hard work but the rewards are many. I find great joy in creating a comfortable habitat for the birds and butterflies and it is a thrill for me to watch them enjoy what I have created for them. I enjoy watching my kitty being entertained by the activity outside the windows. I love it that we finally have a bit of privacy when we sit outside and are all using the patio more than ever before. It is rewarding when neighbors comment on my yard, it brings me great pleasure to know that others are enjoying the beauty from my very visible yard. I love taking pictures of the work in progress and sharing them with those who happen upon my blog and with the wonderful garden blogging community. This is actually the most rewarding of all right now, and keeps me motivated when I might otherwise become frustrated with all of the obstacles, ( late freezes and frosts, droughts, and pests). I've only been doing this blog for about two months now, and it has been great fun, and honestly is a great motivator to create more beauty to share.

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to those of you who have taken the time to browse my blog and leave such nice comments, you are the reward for the time and work that goes into this blog.


Marvie said...

I'm new to gardening, but it is great fun for me. I get a little thrill every morning when I take my little walk through the yard and see what's growing or a new bloom. I love reading gardening blogs too, I get a little thrill when I see what's blooming in other people's yards too =) Not to mention how much I have learned from reading garden blogs, and the many *many* additions to my plant wish list ;)

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and your photos here.

Marvie said...

I do have a quick question for you, I had stopped sowing seeds because I worried it was too late for them, are you sowing these for this summer blooms or are you getting a head start on next year? I ask because I sowed Snapdragon seeds nearly a month ago and they are still only an inch and a half or so tall. I'm a bit south of you (in VA) so I'm guessing if you're thinking to see blooms this year I could still safely sow at least some stuff?

Robin said...

Hi, Marvie, thank you for stopping by for a visit.

The seeds I just sowed were cosmos, zinnia and a few sunflowers, all of them are summer flowers and should be fine to sow right now. The rest I will save until next spring and either winter sow them or grow them indoors.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Robin you are creating your own little piece of heaven and it does get noticed and appreciated by your neighbours too. Great isn't it?

We had a deluge today, 2 in fact and I was thinking of sending one over to you because 2 in 1 day is a bit excessive, don't you think?

Love the new birdbath, well done you!!!

BTW Your robins look very different from ours.

Bev said...

Robin, I'm taking some time today to catch up on everyone's Bloom Day. I LOVE your new birdbath. You are really talented! Also like your BB made out of the pots. I too love to watch the birds. And I appreciate seeing different ideas other than the BBs mostly commonly for sale.

The flowers that you have blooming are beautiful! I love the combination with the Purple Wave. And I was sad with you about your struggle to keep everything alive. I wish I could send a big rain cloud to help you out. Please keep up the good efforts though... your plants and birds love you for it.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Thanks =) I have a few sunflowers that I planted from seeds, but something ate a bunch of them =( I still have about 8 or 10 growing strong though.

I didn't learn of wintersowing in time this season (we were in the process of moving back from Germany anyway) but I definately plan to use this method now that I know of it! I did some spring sowing in the same general idea, which is how I got most of my seedlings. I'm really going to enjoy the winters now though!

Marvie said...

Hmm that came up as Anoyn but it was Marvie, sorry about that.

Kylee said...

I love both of your birdbaths! I might steal your idea!

I too love coneflowers, especially the 'Big Sky' series, but the native coneflowers are just as lovely.

Our weather here is not cooperating for growing anything either. My poor little seedlings just need a good rain, and guess what? It's RAINING RIGHT NOW! I can't believe it. I very nearly went outside and danced in it.