Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Man's Best Friend

Our golden retriever, Lilly, is very fond of my husband. She completely adores him and will often climb up and lay her head on his chest. She doesn't even mind that he has just been out shoveling snow and hasn't had his morning shower yet. Of course, he is equally smitten and doesn't mind that he is getting slobbered on or that he will be covered in dog hair. No, this is true unconditional love. Aren't they cute?

Oh, what she wouldn't give to be a lap dog!

These pictures were taken yesterday morning after my husband had just come in from shoveling the little bit of snow we received. It wasn't that much snow, but because we have a driveway that has a somewhat steep incline, we have to shovel or else we can't get traction to get up the drive.


Jayne said...

What sweet, sweet images Robin! I am sure the love is reciprocated tenfold. :c)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You darned right they are cute! Such sweet lovers. :)

Would you be able to do a meme for Lily? I would love to get to know her better.

Kate tagged Luna for a meme. You could read it and see if Lily would like to do it. It is fun.

kate said...

Hi Robin,

I agree with Lisa - Lily looks as if she'd enjoy doing the dog meme. It was fun - Lily probably has lots of things to talk about!

The pictures of Lily and her husband are really adorable. I always find it funny that big dogs really don't understand that they are too big to fit onto laps. Lytton always gives me this hurt look when he tries climbing into the chair. The only problem is that he doesn't fit.

m.e. said...

Robin, it was so good to see "K" and your dog in the pics. Richard still has a deep regard for your hubby as they bonded in friendship way back when. And of course, you and yours will always be dear to me. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us.


Mary said...

There's nothing sweeter than a man and his dog. This is a wonderful post, Robin :o)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thanks, Jayne. She is such a good dog.

Hi, Lisa. I read both your's and Kate's meme or rather Luna and Lytton's. They were both so good and very creative. I enjoyed them immensely. I am not a creative writer and barely have an imagination. I can't imagine that Lilly and I could follow Lytton and Lunas wonderful meme. Thanks for the invitation, I'll give it some thought, but I doubt it.

Thank you,Susan. Kerry is still remembers his friendship with Richard fondly too. Richard was a very good mentor to him, in business and spiritual matters. said...

Oh she's obviously adoring your husband. She is absolutely smitten. What a doll she is.

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Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful photos, my boxer thinks he is a lap dog as well.