Monday, January 21, 2008

Wheat Grass

I'm anxious to start my winter sowing project and decided to go shopping today for more seeds. Most that I've already purchased are for direct sowing. I thought one of the largest nurseries in Fishers might have seeds, so I stopped in today. They didn't have single packet of seeds in the whole store. Not only that, but most of the time, I was the only customer in the store, there were three people working and no one so much as acknowledged my presence. I don't understand why they would work so hard to create such a beautiful nursery, but then snub the customers. Maybe they don't really want customers in the dead of winter, I don't know. I didn't need help with anything and I was just browsing, but they walked past me several times while rearranging things and never even made eye contact. It was very unwelcoming. Anyway, I saw several things I'd love to have, but I'll either do without or find them elsewhere.

One thing that really caught my fancy while there today was the display of wheat grass. I have lots of wheat here because several years ago I bought a large amount from a co-op. The wheat had rocks in it and I didn't want to use it in my grinder. It really wasn't that expensive, but for some crazy reason I haven't been able to throw it away. Come to think of it, we even moved it here from Alabama with us. I guess subconsciously I've been saving it in case we have a great depression or something.

Anyway, growing this wheat grass would be a perfect use for the wheat. I'm sure my kitty will love it too. The glass containers are filled with the water polymer crystals and the wheat is poured on top. No soil involved at all. I have the wheat, the glass container, now all I need is to get the water crystals. I'm looking forward to doing this fun project.

The best seed buying places I've found so far are Menards and Meijers. Both have really good selections. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to post my seed selections.


Carol said...

Robin... I bet I could guess where you went. If it is in Fishers, I've been there, too, and they are not a friendly bunch at all. I just don't bother with them anymore. That's too far for me to go to not at least be asked if I need some help.

I went to a Menard's here on the southside and they had NO seeds. I couldn't believe it because usually they do have them out by now, as you found out. I don't know if it is just this one store, which isn't very well managed, so I may check another one nearby.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Layanee said...

Robin: I have enjoyed 'catching up' on your posts. All wonderful with gorgeous photos! Love the cardinal and the full moon. It is always disappointing to go into a well stocked and beautifully arranged garden center only to find out that no one will give you even a friendly wave! I would take my business elsewhere also! Can't wait to see your wheat grass emerge!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Robin, a friend of mine plants grass in containers every spring for her Easter decorations. She just plants hers in regular soil but she uses some beautiful white containers she collects. It is a beautiful sight in early spring to see this green. She even "hides" colored eggs in some of the grass.

jodi said...

What IS up with these haughty-hort centres??? Don't they realize that if they peeve all their customers, they won't have a business at all? And don't they realize that people talk--and talking now is so much easier via the Internet too? The mind boggles!
I've never tried wheatgrass, but I'm sure my catchildren would be very pleased if I grew some!

Mary said...

I don't think I've ever been to a nursey where the staff snubs customers. I'd find a friendlier place, too.

mon@rch said...

Looks like some of the stuff we grow for our cats! Very cool for sure!

Kylee said...

I can't wait to see your seed list, Robin. I've got most of my seeds and there are a few more I want to get. I'll post my list too one of these days.

I'd like to grow some kitty grass here, too. They generally leave the plants alone, except for the ones that have foliage that looks like grass, such as the ponytail palms. Simon really chows down on that one.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

How weird that there were 3 people working in that shop and nobody had the time to say Hi to their one and only customer. Weird and rather rude.

That wheatgrass sounds like a wonderful gift for your cat! Mine love it.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Carol, I went to the Menard's in Castleton by Sam's, they had a wonderful selection, the largest I've seen.

Hi Layanee, thanks for stopping by again. There are enough wonderful nurseries around that I can give my business to, I'm thankful I have a choice.

I've seen that in spring magazines before, Lisa. It is so pretty, just perfect for Easter eggs.

I know I'll have a hard time keeping my kitty out of it. I think not having soil will be much better, since she loves to play in the dirt.

I will, Mary. That was just too uncomfortable to have them pass by be several times and not even look and me.

Hi, Mon@rch, so cats do love it, huh? I thought they probably would.

Kylee, my seed list is up now. I went a little seed crazy.