Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thrifty Finds

Rhoda, at Southern Hospitality, hosts Monday treasures, for people to share their weekend thrifting/garage sale finds. I've never participated in this before, but I always enjoy reading Rhoda's blog to see what she finds in her garage sale ventures. I just had to participate this time, to show my garage sale treasures from this weekend.

I haven't been to garage sales in a long time, but a couple of nearby neighborhoods were having sales and I had some time in between a nursing home care plan meeting and work. So I decided to venture through the neighborhood sales to see what I could find. I stopped at one sale that had nothing marked, I saw this Drexel dresser and asked how much they wanted for it. To my astonishment, they only wanted $100! SOLD! I didn't need another dresser, but I did need a buffet for my dining room.

Before I found the dresser, I found two arrangements for $2 each. I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but I liked the containers and thought they were worth the $2. I decided that they would go nicely on the buffet for now.

It is a perfect match for my dining room! It looks so much like the Duncan Phyfe furniture I have! I need to move it to the other wall and have the china cabinet on the shorter wall. It was larger that I had thought and there isn't quite enough space between the table and buffet. That is another project for another day.

I also found these pretty hummingbird prints!

The price was still on the back of the frames. They were $15.99 each.

I got the set for $3.00! I love hummingbirds and was so excited to find these prints!

If you enjoy home decorating on a budget, head over to Rhoda's blog, she is an amazing home decorator and her projects will inspire you!

Now, back to the procrastination has paid off for once. We have a frost warning tonight and I'm so glad I haven't planted my impatiens yet. I covered the lantana, I think everything else should be O.K.


Kammy said...

That "buffet" perfectly matches your dining room set ! Just beautiful and oh the storage you will now have ! The prints are really pretty too !
Hugs ~ Kammy

The Tattered Cottage said...

You couldn't ask for a more perfect match! It all looks gorgeous together.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Robin, what a lucky find! I am very impressed. We have some bargain basement government furniture they were selling when we lived in Germany. Solid mahoghany for about $25. Right time and right place!! I am using one of those dressers as my linen chest for table linens (though not in the dining room).

our friend Ben said...

Wow, Robin, what a treasure! And good for you for seeing its dining-room potential rather than its given identity. It looks so great with your dining-room furniture!!!

Terry said...

The dresser/buffet is magnificent! The bird pictures are too cute! You certainly do have some great finds.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a lucky find! It is gorgeous and looks perfect in your dining room. They just don't make furniture of that quality any more.

Sherri said...

Robin, what a wonderful find! It goes so well with the furniture you already had. Good job!! Love the hummingbird pics too!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Robin!! Ok, girl, you got the deal of the week. That is an amazing piece of furniture & Drexel to boot. I love it! It's perfect for your buffet and looks amazing with your DR stuff too. I love all your pieces in there. You scored big time. thanks for playing this week.

Kathleen said...

You have found some great garage sale deals Robin. I can't believe that dresser/turned buffet. Looks like it was made to match your other furniture. I need to haul myself out of bed earlier in the AM's to make some garage sale rounds. I just never get to it.
and frost?? Is that late for your area?? Our last frost free date was supposed to be Mother's Day and I figured we were behind you?? Hope everything survived.

Unknown said...

I need to go garage sale shoppin too. You found some cool buys and your dining room is beautiful. It is good you haven't set your seedlings out yet.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Wow, it looks perfect in your dining room as a buffet. It was definitely meant to be.