Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Container Gardening

I have been searching everywhere that I can think of for the perfect container to go on this wall. Pam, from Digging suggested more of a bowl shape. I found a picture of a container that I think would be perfect. It was more of a bowl on a small pedestal . I can't find anything like it in the garden centers or local nurseries.

I found this today and I can't decide if I like it or not. My husband likes it better than anything I've brought home so far. What do you think? Does this work?

I've been busy planting other container groupings today. I planted variegated ivy and pink verbena with the dwarf spruce today.

This is variegated lily turf, I planted this to add some greenery to the patio. I will plant purple wave petunias on the wall above it.

I love the colors in this one. It will be beautiful once it's filled out and spilling down the sides.

This one is on the front porch railings and has the pink superbells, (Calibrachoas).


Anonymous said...

Robin, I love your gardening blog. I am a "wanna be gardener" so perhaps all of the inspiration you are giving me will come to fruition. I LOVE the latest container. It looks perfect to me. Thanks for posting and letting me have a peek into your life in Indiana. A far cry from T-Town to be sure! Love ya!! ~~Susan

Robin said...

Susan, thank you, you are so sweet. And thanks for giving a thumbs-up on the container. I like it too, just wasn't sure it really worked.

Pam/Digging said...

Robin, I feel honored that you took my advice on the container. I like that shape so much better than the earlier, taller options. It's proportional with your column.

Your gardens are really taking shape, and your photos of the tulips are lovely.