Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So Much to do, So Little Time...

Lilacs, moss phlox, Johnny jump-ups waiting to be planted.

I was able to get out in the yard last evening and got several things accomplished. I finally planted my three purple lilacs, two of the moss phlox and the aborvitae. When I plant I usually replace the clay with good soil, so we made two trips to hauling off clods of clay that had been laying around the yard. I'm glad to get that cleaned up and glad for a strong young man (my son) who can help me. I figured out a way to finish off the raised bed on the left side of the patio. I needed a path to the water spigot, and I got that done also. This morning I moved the raised bed on the right side of the patio so that it would extend to the end of the column.
This weekend should be nice and I hope to get many things done.

Goals for the weekend:

*purchase and plant tree for front yard-- (looked, but will wait for new shipment)
*purchase and plant more shrubs
*finish left side patio bed-- (done)
*get pathway pavers in place
*move 2 viburnum shrubs
* lay newspaper on the right side of the house to kill grass and to prepare a bed for hostas.

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