Monday, April 23, 2007

Done for the Day List 4/23

Today I had some extra time to work in the yard. There was so much needing to be done, I didn't know where to start and honestly I wasted a lot of time flitting from one thing to another. It was really too windy to get much done, but I was determined to work outside.

Here is what I accomplished today:

*Pulled all of the Yarrow from right-side flower bed, (lamenting ever planting this weed), it spreads vigorously from the roots and was very difficult to remove.
*Planted two more Blue-eyed grass.
*Replaced the Dracaena spikes in container with purple fountain grass, (I like it so much better).
*Did some mulching
*Planted variegated Lily Turf in planters on the patio. I saw a picture in Fine Gardening magazine that I'm copying using Lily Turf as the base of a container garden, (will post pictures when finished).
*Watered everything morning and afternoon - the wind was causing everything to dry out quickly. (I must finish that mulching tomorrow.)
*Finally fixed the outside water spigot that had never been connected to the house properly.
*Picked dandelions. Since I don't like to use chemicals I try to pick the dandelions before they go to seed. Quickly realized I was fighting a loosing battle. I would have done nothing else all day had I continued this vain task.
*Weeding has been done in all flower beds.

I wish that I had been more organized and efficient today , I could have accomplished so much more. I guess I was in the mood to piddle rather than get down to business and really labor. Tomorrow I will have some extra time, maybe I'll get more accomplished.

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