Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Real spring on the way back!

Yea! A headline in the news today says, "Real Spring On The Way Back". That is very good news indeed! I went outside to pull up the towels, blankets and sheets that I had spread all over the flower beds and surveyed the freeze damage.

I was very concerned about the clematis but it still looks good, a little burned on a few leaves, but in very good condition.

This is the new edging around the mailbox, I would have preferred the red, but this was on clearance, half-price. I have to decide what to plant now. I don't want to detract from the clematis. Any Ideas? I have purple wave petunias growing, I might plant some of them.

The tulips were all laying on the ground frozen.

Ice crystals on the lamb's ear, and while looking at it I saw a healthy purple coneflower peeking through. I thought I moved them all from the front bed in the fall. I love the coneflower, but it is not what I want for the front bed, at least not in the very front of the front bed, it's too tall. This is my only shady area and all I really want in that bed is hosta, impatiens, caladiums and coleus of course my Japanese maple. Oh, and the lamb's ear gets to stay as do the bulbs. I pulled everything else out last fall. I guess I'll have to do more transplanting.

My kitty hiding behind the blinds this morning soaking in the sunshine.

Lilly is my shadow, she loves to be outside with me while I garden. She is a beautiful Golden, (beautiful but not very smart). She hates to have her picture taken, when I try to get her to sit for a picture she always plops down and turns away.

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