Sunday, April 15, 2007

Whats Blooming... April 15th

This is my first blogger Bloom Day and the list is very short for me this month. But hey, at least the bloomin snow is gone! Maybe spring is on the way now and hopefully May will yield a bounty of blooms.

This is probably a cheat because it isn't blooming in my garden (yet). It is a gerbera daisy that I bought several weeks back. It is in my kitchen just waiting for warmer weather.

I have quite a few Johnny jump-ups, I love this cheerful little flower.

My Creeping Phlox is just beginning to bloom.

This is also a little cheat, it really did just come from the yard but it's stem was broken. I couldn't get a good picture of it unless I brought it inside to prop it up. But hey, I am desperate for blooms this month. Other than a few tulips and hundreds of Dandelions this is pretty much it at Robin's Nesting Place.


Pam/Digging said...

Beautiful photos, Robin! I'm glad you joined in on Bloom Day.

Carol said...

Dandelions count! And so do indoor plants. Thanks for joining in with Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Just wait until May, we'll have lots blooming then!

Susan said...

Robin — I was just sitting here thinking about writing a post about what I've changed with my camera use and that got me thinking about you and I came by to see what you were upt to and saw that you'd done a Bloom Day post. I like that phlox and the Johnny Jumpup. I've got one on my Bloom Day post as well. Come by and check it out (and look for the photo update in a few days).