Friday, April 13, 2007

Nasty News...

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Forecast Discussion Posted By Angela Buchman April 13th at 3:45pm

It will be a dry Friday evening with temperatures in the 40s. The numbers will fall into the 30s, as a tricky southern weather system heads our way. This will bring the chance for rain after midnight. There will be a rain and snow mix early on Saturday. Forecast 8 will be monitoring temperatures closely, as parts of our area will have more snow than rain. We are expecting a changeover later Saturday into early Sunday to all snow. This will mean the potential for an inch or two of slushy snow. Stay tuned to Forecast 8 for any and all updates on this still developing storm system. It will wind toward the east coast on Sunday. For central Indiana there will be partly sunny skies and a few flurries. The day will also be breezy and chilly, with highs in the lower 40s. A gradaul warm-up and drier days are on the way for next week.

Forecast Discussion Posted By Randy Ollis April 13th at 6:00am


Central Indiana is getting off to another cold start with temperatures below freezing in some areas. We should quickly climb above the 32 degree mark this morning and head for a high in the lower 50s. Our normal high is 62 degrees for this time of the year.

Can you believe this weather report? When it finally does warm up it'll be summer. We probably won't even have a spring. Anyway, I am thankful for the nice day we had today. I didn't get to do much work outside because I was babysitting. I did sit on my patio with my little friends and we went to the playground and played on the swings. When they went home I did a little weeding. I have Yarrow that is taking over my right patio flower bed and I worked on pulling that out. We also straightened the Aborvitae that has been leaning. We had to pull them out and dig the holes a little deeper. When my son and I planted them we were exhausted from trying to get them into our SUV. When I bought them I didn't realize how heavy they were. I'm sure we were a funny sight. Anyway hubby dug deeper holes for me and my son did the lifting, all I had to do was work the soil back into the holes, and supervise of course. My last garden chore for the day was covering some of my plants with flower pots and those black plastic pots that the trees came in. I'm not sure if its better to let the snow cover them or to protect them. I didn't want the snow to crush my tree peony and my other peony is coming up too. Does anyone know which is best, letting snow cover them or protecting with plastic pots?

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