Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Garden Tools or Lack Thereof

We had a much needed rain today, everything was so dry. I'm very glad to have a little break from yard work. I had one of those duh moments today. I love to just sit and do yard work with my hands (it's very relaxing to me), but I weeded a very large section yesterday with the little tool you see above. Today my hands are stiff, swollen, and blistered. I thought about Carol's ( hoe collection today, and realized I don't even have a single hoe. I think I need a hoe for the rest of this job, it would make it a lot easier on my hands and back. I wish I had thought of that before I started the project. I was bent over so long weeding yesterday that I think the oxygen supply to my brain was diminished. Seriously, I could barely put a coherent sentence together last night, I think I was just a bit exhausted.

Today I had one of my favorite little getaways. I went to Barnes and Noble, got a white chocolate mocha, a stack of gardening magazines and sat for about two hours. I usually do this two or three times a year. I probably flipped through every gardening magazine they have. I think my favorite is Fine Gardening. I also currently have all back issues from the last two years that I checked out from my library.
The one gardening tip that stands out in my mind came from Backyard Living. The reader said that they line their containers with newspaper before planting. This helps keeps the soil from drying out, and also provides insulation keeping the roots from over heating in the summer.

Rain is in the forecast for the next few days. I'll soon be itching to get my project finished, with my new hoe of course.

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Carol said...

No hoe?! For heaven's sake, you need to get you a garden hoe! I have hand tools, too, which I use quite a bit, but sometimes you need a hoe! ;-)