Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Style...

I'm still thinking about the planters and I think I have ruled out the smaller one. Everyone here agrees that it is just too small. I still love the style of the larger one and may just use it this year, thankfully it isn't a permanent structure and can easily be changed, well, not that easily, it's very heavy.

I was telling my friend/neighbor what Yolanda Elizabet from Bliss (http://blissyo-elgarden.blogspot.com/) said about the style of the container and the column being too different, one being more elegant than the other. My friend said, "Well, that is your style." And she is right, that is my style, I always mix elegance with ordinary or even a little bit of country. It works for me. I usually don't even think about style, I just go for things that I enjoy looking at and the things that make me happy.

This is in my family room. I love the elegance of tea pots and tea cups (I collect them) and crystal and glassware.

This is my living room, very Victorian and formal.

My china cabinet is filled with more tea cups and tea pots. I love Old Country Roses. (I opened the doors for a better picture.)

So, I really am not afraid to mix elegance with ordinary, but I do believe that Yolanda is right about the scale being off, that is my concern. Thank you for giving your opinions. I'll probably just keep looking for that perfect medium.

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