Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Garden Shoes and Gloves

Some other bloggers have shown their gardening shoes and gloves. So I thought I would share mine. Usually I wear old tennis shoes to garden in, but I saw these at the Patio and Garden show this year and I really like them.

Now don't laugh when I tell you about my gardening gloves. I use latex surgical gloves. I have used these disposable gloves for many years and they are my absolute hands down favorite garden gloves. I even used them when doing my stone wall.
I like to feel the dirt and yet I don't want to get dirty, cloth gloves are too thick, the dirt goes through the tips and they get dirty so quickly.


Betty819 said...

Please don't keep those adorable garden shoes a secret, Tell us where you purchased them, and if they have a website. I saw some cute one in one catalog but they don't come in half sizes and I'm afraid the next whole size would be too large. Can you hose these off outside?

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Betty, they are a Crocs knockoff brand called Nothinz that I bought at the Indianapolis Patio and Garden show. I just did a Goggle and saw several places that sell them. Yes, you can rinse them right off!

Betty819 said...

Gosh, they are beautiful; too pretty to wear in the garden! They look like Easter colors. Thanks for sharing.