Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Lesson from the Garden

I was reminded again today of the valuable lesson I learned from my garden last spring.


While I was outside waiting for my daughter to go for our nightly walk, I immediately noticed the dandelions in my front flower bed. There were quite a few and I got busy pulling them out of the bed. After several minutes had passed, I saw, for the first time, that the beautiful pink tulips were in full bloom. I couldn't believe it, there they were right in front of me and I didn't see them. How could I have not noticed the beautiful tulips first? My total focus had been on the dandelions, the weeds instead of the flowers. Sometimes I do that in life too, I don't fully enjoy the blessings and beauty of life because my focus is on the problems, the ugly weeds of life that keep popping up, robbing me of joy. I can do this with people too, it is sometimes easier to see the faults in people rather than focusing on their good. To be negative rather than positive. I pondered on those thoughts for quite a while and vowed that I would try not to miss the tulips again. It has become a little saying now in our home, "Let's focus on the tulips rather than dandelions".


Here are those same beautiful tulips back again this year. They are so pretty. I had quite a few duds in the front bed too so I've weeded them out. I will have to plant more this fall. This is a small bed between the front porch and sidewalk, I think I'll plan a mass planting of pink tulips.



Here are a couple of pictures of the violas in the from flower bed with the pink tulips. I love just spring flowers!


My very patient hubby, of 25 years tomorrow, drove me around to several garden centers today trying to find three more aborvitae. We were finding them but the dirt was like concrete and I was concerned that the trees would die from being so dry. Finally, at our fourth place we found three that were in acceptable condition. We planted them on the right side of the patio. This gives us a bit more privacy on the playground side.

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