Saturday, April 7, 2007

Blog Beginnings

In my quest to brighten my winter doldrums this past January, I searched the net for garden ideas and ran across several garden blogs that I thoroughly enjoyed. I spent many hours looking at Pam's Digging, Diary of an Austin Gardner, (, her blog was my first taste of garden blogging and I was hooked. From her blog listings I found many other wonderful blogs. I also found Moosy's garden blog in New Zealand, ( and spent many chilly winter nights with her in her garden. I loved how she journals her gardening adventures for the past 10 years. I had never even considered doing a blog before but I so enjoyed looking at other peoples gardens, their beautiful pictures, and reading about their gardening adventures. I thought this would be a great way to combine my love for gardening and my budding interest in photography. So begins my venture into blogging. I am not a writer, so I hesitated about doing this. Some of the blogs I have read are so interesting, funny and well written, and the pictures are absolutely stunning. I know I cannot compete, so I won't try to. I'll just enjoy the pleasure of journaling and sharing my own gardening adventures. Welcome to Robin's Nesting Place.


Carol said...

Robin... Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. It looks like you are off to a good start! I'll add a link to your blog under my listing of "other Hoosier gardeners. If you are so inclined to add links to other blogs at some point, please add one for my blog. Good luck and I'll check back later for most posts.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Robin said...

Carol, thank you for posting and for adding me to your list.

mary (moosey) from New Zealand said...

Hi there Robin - Glad to have helped your blog to germinate! I love your writing, and garden blogging is a bit like gardening - you can't really get it wrong! Anyway, great to meet you and good luck!