Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Side Yard

The side yard is an eyesore especially since we are on the corner lot and beside the common area. We have a difficult time growing grass since the builder scraped all of the top soil away and we are left with nothing but clay. The dandelions however do very well here. We also didn't like the builder issued plant that had been in the front flower bed so we just stuck it here on the side. I don't like it here either, so out it came today. Here is the before picture.

Here is the after. I was able to do about 2/3 of it today. I was going to lay down newspaper to smother the weeds but I just couldn't stand knowing that millions of dandelion seeds were in my bed so I scraped and weeded just about all afternoon until dark. I'm not sure what I'll plant here, but I want it as maintenance free as possible. Maybe a few shrubs, few easy perennials and some hosta. I really need something to add vertical interest. Maybe a couple of trellises and morning glory or a rose bush. I purchased the manure, peat, and top soil today and will add that before planting.
The pink tulips are so beautiful. I wish they lasted longer. At least I'll have the pictures to enjoy them whenever I want.

Today I replanted a Japanese maple that I had in the back, I think it was getting too much sun. I have two in the front, bought at the same time, and they are so much bigger and prettier. So I moved it to a more shady spot in the front flower bed. While I was planting it I smelled honeysuckles, it turns out that these daffodils smell like honeysuckle.

Here is the new flower bed on the left side of the patio. The tag on these hosta say full sun, I sure hope they will take the sun because I would love more for the back yard.


Green thumb said...

Hi Robin!
Found the link to your blog through Yolanda's and I am glad that I did because yours is a very beautiful blog.
I can see that photography is your hobby, the photographs are all exquisite and worth admiring.
Waiting for all that you have to share in coming days.

Robin said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you found my blog and that you left a comment expressing your enjoyment. Thank you for visiting.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Lovely tulips, Robin. Pink is such a nice colour in the garden. I'm curious to see how your garden will develop in the coming months.

vonlafin said...

It looks like you are getting a lot done! I feel like I am way ahead of last year too. I haven't tackled any annual planting yet, but am getting all of my beds mulched. By the way, I like the pot you picked for the pedestal's.

Robin said...

Yolanda, thank you, I love pink in the garden and it's very photogenic too.

Vonlafin, thanks for your comment and for letting me know that you like the container.

Kerri said...

Hello Robin,
Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a nice comment. I'm glad to "meet" you :)
I'd leave a comment on every post I looked at if I had time! So much to see, and beautiful photos. I adore those pink tulips and loved the lesson you wrote about.
The shorter container looks great...and yes, it works much better than the tall one. It's very pretty. I'd love to find one just like it.
I too love pink and purple flowers best, and those ranunculus are glorious!
I had a giggle about the differing frost dates. I remember a killing frost here on June 23rd a number of years ago. That's not the norm, thank heavens, but we don't put tomatoes, and several other things in until the end of May.

Robin said...

Kerri,it's been very nice to "meet" you too. I'm so glad that you dropped by for a visit and thank you forleaving such a lovely comment.