Monday, February 4, 2008

Kitty and the Wheat grass

On January 21, I posted about the wheat grass I had seen growing at a local nursery. After finally finding the Soil Moist granules, I was able to do this little project myself.

I first soaked the old wheat kernels just to see if they would even sprout, and they did. I decided to use the sprouted wheat in the smaller container, which actually has grown faster and looks healthier than the wheat in the other container. When I do this again, I'll not use as much of the Soil Moist granules. They just keep expanding every time I add water and are oozing over the rim of the glass.

As you can see the wheat grass is a big hit with Libby.

I am anxious to redo this project now that I know what not to do.


Unknown said...

My less than intelligent kitty would then begin digging into all of my potted plants. Congrats on the wheat grass and the Smarty Cat!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This looks like lots of fun. You can hide easter eggs inside this year. :)

Your kitty is doing what my friend says her cats do to all plants brought inside so she doesn't have any house plants.

Are you able to have house plants?

Frances, said...

What a sweet and smart kitty. I don't have house plants for the same reason as lisa's friend but did try and grow grass for Hazel. She pulled the whole plants out of the ground, didn't just nibble neatly like your Libby. Maybe thickly sown wheat would work better.

Anonymous said...

This is great and I have done this for my cats also! Hiding it from them for a few weeks to grow the grass! After giving it to mine they destroyed it in about an hour! I would be interested to see how long it took your cats?

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Hi, Robbinscabin, I've never been a cat person before, but this little sweetie is purrfect and has won me over to the cat-side. Thankfully, she doesn't usually bother my smaller house plants.

Lisa, I definitely plan to use this for spring/Easter decorations. I do have house plants. The only things she has really bothered were the large ficus trees. She liked to use the larger containers for her litter box. I only have one left and it stays in the craft room.

Hi, Frances. Libby, is pretty well behaved, she just nibbled for a while and then followed me to the computer. She has a bad habit of laying right on the keyboard.

Hi, Mon@rch, I only have one cat and she didn't really mess it up at all. She might would have had there been dirt, but usually she doesn't bother that either.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

The Bliss team is very envious of all that yummy wheat grass that Libby is munching away on. They want some too. I usually buy it at the garden centre ready for munching on straight away.

Ewa said...

kitty seems so happy :)